Lecoxen cream 30ml

Lecoxen is a skin re-epithelizing and healing adjuvant cream to be applied on the surrounding lesion (perilesional) skin, in particular way following hyperbaric procedures and regenerative treatments. It coadjuvates healing, supports re-epithelization and reduces inflammation, protecting from irritation. It allows to maintain a proper micro-environment in the perilesional area in such a way to avoid the tissue maceration.


Thanks to its innovative composition, it has triple action on the wound:

Profound effect against free radicals: thanks to the presence of Proanthocyanidin A2 derived from horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), vitamin E and Allium cepa with remarkable action against free radicals, it helps to accelerate the healing process.

Mechanical and protective action: silicones create an occlusive barrier against harmful microorganisms, which facilitates wound healing. Furthermore, prevents the formation of keloids and hypertrophic scars more effectively than ointments containing zinc oxide.

Osmotic action: due to the presence of sodium chloride, secretions leak to the skin around the wound.

Lecoxen isotonic spray 100 ml

Lecoxen spray is a medical device recommended to irrigate and remove dust and impurities from superficial, acute and chronic lesions (lacerations, excoriations, puncture and crushing wounds), favouring natural wound healing. Thanks to the innovative supply technology, the bottle can be used in any position.

Composition:  isotonic sea water solution NaCl 0,9% rich in trace elements such as Boron, Zinc, Copper, Calcium and Potassium.


  • Only a clean wound can heal properly.
  • Wound irrigation is the preferred method of wound cleansing compared to swabbing.
  • Calcium is important for the haemostasis process, for the formation of granulation tissue and for neutrophil activation. Moreover, it is involved in many other processes of wound healing.
  • Zinc is a component of many enzymes which have a central role in wound healing. In addition, Zinc stimulates the proliferation of keratinocytes and fibroblasts.
  • Copper is useful for cross-linking of collagen fibers and with zinc and manganese it stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and keratinocytes.
  • Lecoxen spray is ideal in first aid situations.
  • Lecoxen spray can be used in many accasions and safely from a microbiological point of view, until no solution remains. 
  • Lecoxen spray is a unique product for cleaning the wounds and favour their healing.

FOCUS on normal wound cleansing with SALINE SOLUTION

As a specific study has shown, 54.5% of normal saline solutions used in hospitals tfor wound irrigations are subject to contamination (69.6% Gram-positive bacteria, 13% Gram-postitive bacilli, 8.7% Gram-negative bacteria, 8.7% moulds).


Irrigate the wound with Lecoxen spray, tamponing the possible excess solution with a sterile gauze.

Apply a layer of Lecoxen cream on the skin surrounding the wound.

The application of the cream must be repeated at any dressing change.

Cover the wound with adherent or absorbent gauze depending on the degree of exudate.

Repeat the application every 12 hours. At the appearance of the wound re-epithelialization margin, the treatment can be reduced to once a day.


Scratches, grazes, abrasionns, lesions, lacerations and cutslecoxen-woundslecoxen-cuts
1st and 2nd degree burnslecoxen-burn1lecoxen-burn2
Diabetic foot and during hyperbaric therapylecoxen-diabeticlecoxen-hyperbaric
Periungual wounds and blisters on the feetlecoxen-infectionlecoxen-foot injury
Surgical woundslecoxen-surgical wound1lecoxen-surgical wound2